Dry Cleaning in Rocky Hill, CT & Cheshire, CT

TopNotch-Location.jpgIf you’re looking for great dry cleaning services, chances are good that you have several criteria in mind.  First, the service has to be convenient; it should be easy to reach and the services you receive should be quality.  The service has to be versatile.  It’s not enough to just clean clothing; you’re looking for tailoring, wedding gown preservation, and more.  Finally, the service has to be excellent—top-notch, in other words.

That’s why you should head to Top Notch Dry Cleaning, where everything you need to know about us is right in our name.  At Top Notch Dry Cleaning, we specialize in exceptional and convenient dry cleaning service.  We have branches in Rocky Hill, CT; Wallingford, CT; and Cheshire, CT; making it easy for people to get to us from all over the state.  Even better, we offer multiple services under every roof, and we make sure each item that comes to us goes back to you, perfectly cleaned and repaired.

It’s time for you to see what kind of difference having a great dry cleaning service in your life can make.  Before you take your clothes anywhere else, pay us a visit at Top Notch Dry Cleaning.  You’ll be glad you did!